We are h-app-ening!



Ultimate Chemistry develops, designs innovative iOS applications for iPhone, iTouch and iPad. We are a Canadian based company that develops iOS apps for iOS devices. The company was founded by Christine Summers, who has some ‘h-app-ening‘ things in the works. Christine is very passionate about developing apps from its conceptual phase up to its the final stages. Her team is comprised of several different designers, artists and developers from around the world.

The company has designed a number of winners in the lifestyle, entertainment, photo and camera -  for children, adults, and family enjoyment. They are all extremely entertaining individually - from signature analysis 12 questions gives some pretty accurate findings about yourself or your friends.  A flying stork to deliver your baby's birth announcement, a Draw the pig with huge amount of accessories and hours of play time. A Wedding Album providing a fast fabulous way to have your wedding collection of photos expressed similar and better then a guest list.

The Lipstick Message a collection of 108 colors to draw and send messages. Colors like Tie Dye - taken from tie dye t-shirts, Desserts - like creme brule take from the photos of the real product of creme brule, chocolate dip donuts, candy sprinkle and more in that collection. Lollipop draw similar idea but all lollipop pop originals to draw with. 

This is the most outstanding of all is the 'Strut Type' old fashion camera - with months of research and a passion for old fashion photography, and developing image similar to those a 100 years ago.

Thank you, and enjoy our apps, as they were made to provide a lasting experience!